Bofie Itombra Biography | Career , Relationship & controversy

Bofie Itombra Biography, Age, Net worth, parents, husband, career, and controversies.

In this article, we will reveal everything and all you need to know about Nollywood actress Bofie Itombra: Her Biography, Tribe, state of origin, education, marriage, relationship, social media handles and so much more.

Bofie Itombra is a well-known Nigerian actress, voice-over artist, and social media personality whose brilliant acting has earned her the love of her esteemed fans

Bofie Itombra Biography


Bofie Itombra Biography Profile Summary

  • Real name: Bofie Itombra
  • State of Origin: Bayelsa
  • Tribe: Ijaw
  • Date of birth: December 15th
  • State of origin: Bayelsa state
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital status: Not married
  • Occupation: Actress and Voice artist
  • Net worth: $250,000

Bofie Itombra Biography Background and Education

Bofi Itombra grew up in a family of five and discovered at an early stage she could always mimic people and copy accents t speak like them. Her mother has always been a great supporter of her craft. She revealed her mom drove her to her first brand advertisement job and has always encouraged her to her God-given talent to carve a niche for herself.

Bofi Itombra, the last born of her family, lived in Nairobi, Kenya where she did her secondary school. She went to the United States to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Political science from Texas University after which she proceeded to her master’s degree in International relations at the University of Manchester England.

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After her Education, she came back home for her National Youth Service where she began her acting career

Bofie Itombra Biography Career

During her National Youth Service, she went for a movie audition and successfully got her first role in a TV series which was directed and produced by Mr.Jones and aired on Africa Magic. Basically, she joined the movie industry during her service year.

The Africa Magic series titled Riona which was about Itsekiri culture was the series that brought her to the limelight. People started tagging her on Instagram and several social media platforms.

Bofie Itombra Biography

The actress also cited one of her challenges in the industry has always been getting paid for the job done and the payment structure needs to be re-evaluated because don’t get enough for what they work for.

She also cited Legendary American actor Wesley Snipes as her biggest Movie inspiration and in Nigeria, the likes of Joke Silva Inspired her.

Career Collaborations

Bofie Itombra has the opportunity to work with veteran actors like RMD, Aunty Tina Mba, Funke Akindele, Gloria ANozie Young, Ego Boyo, and many others. she stated she would love to work with Kunle Afolayan, Biyi Bandele, and Johnny Barbuzano Ferry.

Bofie Itombra relationship

At the time of writing this, she is not in any relationship at the moment. Her priority has always been building her career and financial capacity. If marriage or love comes for her she doesn’t have a problem with it but for now, she wants to be financially capable.

The actress also revealed she can marry a man much older than her but it shouldn’t be 12 years.

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Also speaking on the kind of man she desires when the right time comes, she said her man will be a born-again Christian filled with the holy spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

She also desires a man who is consistent, kind, loyal, and hardworking with a plan and purpose and from a good home.

Bofie Itombra Biography Movies

  • Tigers’s Tail
  • The Love Square
  • Fine wine
  • Mama Drama
  • Man of her match
  • The Guest
  • Situationship
  • Forbidden
  • The Good Husband
  • Eva’s Love Story
  • Panic Room


Bofie Itombra talked about how she handles her sexual urges. She revealed she placed her body under suspension until the right time and moment with her husband

Bofie Itombra Personal Life

Bofie Itombra is very friendly and warm but introverted. She said only people from her inner circle can be able to relate with her.

She loves traveling and grew up in multiple countries like India and Kenya. She is just warm kind and friendly. Aside from acting she is a voice-over artiste and does voice-over.

Bofie Itombra Biography Date of birth

Bofie Itombra’s year of birth is not known but she was born on December 15.

Bofie Itombra Tribe

She is from the Ijaw tribe

Bofie Itombra Net worth

The young actress’s Net worth is estimated to be around $250,000

Bofie Itombra Social media handles

Instagram: @bofitashow

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