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In Mozez Praiz Biography, we will reveal everything about his career, modeling career, Supersports, age, wife, personality, interesting facts net worth, and much more.

. Mozez Praiz is a Nigerian TV/radio presenter, sportscaster, model, and former presenter of Africa Sports On, who currently works under SuperSport and Smooth F.M 98.1. He can be described as handsome, classy, and determined.

He also serves as the host of Star Football Super Fans Show and the anchor of Naija Made. Mozez Praiz has covered some sports events such as the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations in Angola and the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in the same year.

Mozez Praiz Biography Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Mozez Praiz
  • Nickname: GreyBoss
  • Date of Birth: April 3rd. Year Unknown.
  • State of Origin: Lagos State, Nigeria.
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Relationship: Married
  • Children: 2
  • Career: Model, TV/radio presenter
  • Net Worth: $40,000

Mozez Praiz Biography Early Life and Education

Mozez Praiz was born on the 3rd of April into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Praiz. He was the 6th of 9 children, he mentioned in an interview that feeding was hell.

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He continued, “After I left secondary school, I worked at a car wash, sold chin-chin and detergents for my mum on the streets, aside from other menial tasks that I got paid for, with food”.

He urges his fans to forget whatever millionaire story they heard. His beginning was tough but he said he is grateful to God because it has instilled a lot of values and principles in him.

Mozez Praiz had his primary and secondary school in Lagos State, Nigeria. Later, he studied Mass Communication at the Polytechnic of Ibadan and did a cinematography, editing, and set design program at the Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria Training School (ITPAN) in 2001.

Mozez Praiz Biography Career

Mozez Praiz Biography

Before getting a job in Supersport, Mozez Praiz was a model and was on the runway for 7 years. He modeled for many fashion houses in Nigeria. He worked in Modella before traveling to South Africa and continued modeling there.

How did Mozez Praiz get into modeling?

In an interview, Mozez Praiz made it clear that it was not his ambition to become a model. It all started when he went to visit a friend in Lagos Island.

A young man who operated the elevator for the building asked him (Mozez Praiz) if he was a model, and advised him to give it a try because he looked like a Model.

Mozez finally tried the idea after a professional dancer in his church told him the same thing. So with time and much research, he was hired at Modella.

How did Mozez Praiz start his career as a radio presenter?

Radio has always been something Mozez Praiz wanted to do as far back as 1995, in an interview, he said that he used to be a big fan of Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC).

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His aspiration to become a radio presenter made him study mass communication and tried to pursue it. And finally, he got his first radio job in Smooth 95.1 Fm

How did Mozez Praiz’s career begin in SuperSport?

He was part of a reality TV show and the head of the production team told him that they would like to have him on the team when the project (SuperSport) kickstarted.

Mozez Praiz Biography

He was then assigned to serve as the Production Coordinator for SuperSport and was promoted as a Floor Presenter. Mozez Praiz has over 20 years of Media experience.

Mozez Praiz Sports events with SuperSport

  • EURO Championship
  • FIFA World Cup
  • African Youth Athletics
  • Lagos City Marathon
  • Mozez Praiz Collaborations

Below are some TV presenters that Mozez Praiz has worked with in the entertainment industry

  • Neil Andrews
  • Chisom Mbonu-Ezeoke
  • Wofai Fada
  • Chuey Chu

Is Mozez Praiz a Nigerian?

Many people online say he is not a Nigerian, because of his name and the way he speaks. Well, in an interview he said it is not true that he is not a Nigerian, he stated, “I am Nigerian through and through” he also made it clear that his name is pronounced M-o-z-e-z, not Moses.

Mudi Africa and Mozez Praiz

Mozez Praiz is a brand Ambassador of MUDI Africa. MUDI Africa is an Afrocentric international company.

Interesting facts about Mozez Praiz

  • He loves watching movies, especially with his kids,
  • He likes hanging out and having a good time with his kids.
  • He likes talking to young people and impacting and training them.
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Mozez Praiz Wife

Mozez Praiz Biography

Mozez Praiz met his wife in a youth group called Resource Interlink. They dated for 2 years before they got married in 2006. His wife’s name or information is not known but Mozez mentioned a few things about her.

He said that his wife is very reserved and homely. She would rather be at home than hang out. He further describes her as being awesomely beautiful and intelligent.

Mozez Praiz children

Mozez Praiz Biography

Mozez Praiz and his wife are blessed with two beautiful girls aged 9 and 7.

Mozez Praiz Biography Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $40,000

Mozez Praiz social media accounts

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