Sheggz Bbnaija Biography | Career, Cars & Relationship

Sheggz BBnaija is a London-based footballer, Social media Personality, and actor who rose to prominence after he appeared on Big Brother Naija Show: Level Up Edition in July 2022.

Sheggz BBnaija was among the 24 contestants who appeared in the show and he considers himself ambitious, hardworking, down-to-earth, and smart.Sheggz Bbnaija Biography

Sheggz BBnaija Profile Summary

  • Nickname: Sheggz
  • Full name: Segun Daniel Olusemo
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 14th November, 1995
  • Place of Birth: Nigeria
  • State of Origin: Lagos state
  • Current residence: London, UK/Lagos, Nigeria
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Relationship Status: Dating
  • Occupation: Footballer, Actor, TV personality.

Sheggz BBnaija Background and Education

The Young social media personality was born in Lagos, Nigeria where he spent some part of his childhood before moving to London, United Kingdom. The celebrity hails from Lagos state Nigeria.

There is no available Information about his parent’s name and where he was schooled. Sources say he bagged a bachelor’s degree from the University of Buckingham.

Sheggz Bbnaija Biography Career

Sheggz Bbnaija had a passion for sports as a child since he was a teenager. Even as an undergraduate he was focused on football and would spend extra hours after school playing football.

After graduating from school the sports personality became a professional football player and was signed to a club in the England League Division and played active professional football for years

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Sheggz Bbnaija Biography Sheggz Bbnaija Biography.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian celebrity sustained an injury that kept him out of play in 2021. However, we don’t know for sure if he started playing again. Aside from Sports, Sheggz is an actor and was cast in a film directed by famous Nigerian filmmaker Tola Odunsi.

Sheggz Bbnaija Biography

He gained much attention after he was introduced as one of the 24 Big Brother Naija Season 7: Level up edition contestants. He didn’t win and would later be evicted from the show.

Sheggz Bbnaija Biography

Sheggz is known by several celebrities in Nigeria and has been seen hanging out with Terri – a singer from Wizkid record label. Sheggz looks handsome and has made money and a name for himself.

Sheggz bbnaija biography parents

Who are sheggz bbn parents? We have no Information about the names of Sheggz’s parents and what they do.

SheggzBBnaija biography age

Segun Daniel Olusemo popularly known as Sheggz is 28 years old.

Sheggz BBnaija biography date of birth

Sheggz was born on 14th November 1995

Sheggz bbnaija biography father

Who is sheggz father? We have no available Information about Segun Daniel Olusemo’s Father.

Sheggz bbnaija biography father

Who is Sheggz’s Mother? We have no available Information about Segun Daniel Olusemo’s Father.

Sheggz BBN biography wedding?

Sheggz has not done any weddings but he is in a relationship with fellow ex-housemate Bella Okagbue.

Sheggz BBN family

There is no information about the name of his family but he has posted a picture he took with Bella and uploaded it online with the caption “Family”

Sheggz BBNaija relationship

Sheggz Bbnaija is currently in a relationship with fellow ex-housemate Bella Okagbue. They met during their time in the Big brother Naija house.

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Sheggz and Bella

Sheggz and Bella were both housemates in the Big Brother Naija Show who shared cozy and sweet moments during their time in the house. Sometimes He would call Bella babe and she would insist on being called by her real name just like her fellow housemates call her. The duo’s closeness made people speculate they had a thing going on between them.

Fortunately, the two ended up falling in love and celebrated their first anniversary together. Last Year 2023, the BBnaija stars celebrated their one-year anniversary with sweet posts.

Bella Okagbue shared an Elevator selfie with captioning ‘it has been a long year but they made it through together. She can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Their relationship is not perfect but the love they have for each other makes up for all the small Imperfections.

In his own Post Sheggz BBnaija Captioned the photos ‘Against all odds, he hates to say it but nobody listens.

Sheggz cars

Sheggz who describes himself as confident but not cocky and the perfect mix of Lagos and London has uploaded several pictures where he snapped insode cars of exotic quality.

Sheggz Bbnaija Biography

Some have assumed he would be a lover of Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and Lamborghini.

Sheggz’s social media presence

Sheggz has now become popular on social media ever since his entrance into the reality TV show BBNaija season 7. Here are his social media handles:

Twitter: @sheggzolus

Instagram: @sheggzolu


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