Blessing CEO Biography | Career & Latest Controversies

Blessing Okoro is a popular controversial Nigerian social media influencer, entrepreneur, and relationship expert widely recognized for talking about love, relationships, and sex in her social media videos. She is popularly called Blessing CEO.

After suffering domestic violence in a failed marriage, Blessing Okoro became a leading voice in condemning violence against women and offering relationship advice to young people.

Blessing CEO Biography

Blessing CEO Profile Summary

  • Full name: Blessing Okoro Nkiriuka
  • Nickname: Blessing CEO
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 23 May 1989.
  • State of origin: Ebonyi state.
  • Age: 35 years (as of 2024)
  • Place of birth: Onicha, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.
  • Residence: Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital status: Single
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur and relationship expert
  • Net Worth: $500,000

Blessing CEO background and Education

Blessing Okoro hails from Ebonyi state and she was born and raised in Onicha, Ebonyi state Nigeria. She grew up alongside her younger sisters; Precious, Amaka, and Amara.

While the details of her parents are not known to the public, she refers to her mother as Kia. Blessing CEO’s educational background? Sources say she attended Moven Nursery and Primary School, Lagos for her primary school education and proceeded to the Federal Government College, Okposi, Ebonyi State, for her secondary education.

She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Calabar.

Blessing CEO Career

She is a well known social media influencer who shares a lot of content on her social media pages. As a relationship expert, she shares relationship advice for young people especially those in abusive relationships. She is also a campaigner against gender-based domestic violence

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She also owns a dating website known as Break it or Make it where people can socialize and find soulmates freely. She also has a YouTube channel with over 150k followers.

Blessing CEO son

The relationship expert has two sons namely; Darel Lucky Okoh and Bryan Dgreat

Blessing CEO biography date of birth

She was born on 23rd May 1989.

Blessing CEO biography Age

Blessing Okoro popularly known as Blessing CEO is 35 years old (as of 2024)

Blessing CEO biography parents

The details of her parents are not much known although she posts pictures of her parents on her social media page and refers to her mother as Kia.

Blessing CEO biography husband

Who is blessing the CEO’s ex-husband? No one knows his real name for sure apart from Blessing Okoro but sources say she got married to a man known as Lucky when she was 18 years old. Blessings Okoro revealed her ex-husband was abusive and she opted for divorce after three years

Blessing CEO ex-husband pictures

We don’t have more pictures of her ex-husband. We will update this article if we find it.

Blessing CEO pictures.

Blessing CEO Biography Blessing CEO Biography Blessing CEO Biography

Blessing CEO marriage

After her failed marriage which was physically abusive, Blessing CEO has been single since then.

 and thrown into a van, beaten, injured, and almost killed

Blessing CEO’s contact number

We don’t have her contact number. You can search for it on her social media pages.

Blessing CEO scandal

Blessing Okoro who is popularly known as Blessing CEO posted a picture of a mansion online claiming it was hers. However, the house belonged to a China-based Businessman and Billionaire Onyeze na Chiko who later got her arrested. Blessing’s CEO later apologize for the incident after her release. After the scandal, she embarked on building her house which she always flaunted on her Instagram page she completed and launched the house in 2021. However several social media users speculated the house belonged to one of her baby daddies.

Blessing CEO Biography


Blessing CEO filed a petition against popular prankster Untouchable Comedy claiming her phone and money were stolen she claimed she was on her way to the airport when she was beaten, humiliated,  and thrown into a van, beaten, injured, and almost killed. she said pranks should have limits and she have decided to seek justice.

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Issues with IVD and Davido

The relationship therapist went online and accused Nigerian singer Davido of owing 4.5 million naira for the Venza automobile he gave to his aide Israel DMW. In response which sent a shockwave to the public, IVD, the auto dealer admitted Davido doesn’t owe a dime. Following the denial Blessing Okoro CEO leaked a chat where IVD admitted the debt is not hidden and had tried to reach out to the musician several times his messages usually receive replies after two months where the singer will ask for his account number but never pays..

In the leaked audio, Davido only paid 4 million naira which wasn’t the agreed sum for the car..

Issues with Actress Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing challenged the self-acclaimed relationship expert to a fight. The two women were at war after Nkechi Blessing left a bad comment on her bikini photos, body shaming her and comparing her to a placard. Replying to her, Blessing’s CEO called her a confused identity taking a swipe at how she dates younger men and changes them like underwear and recounted how they met twice at an event and the actress was humbled before her.

Surprisingly, things escalated and Nkechi Blessing stormed the blessing office which serves as her therapy lounge “Break it or Make it” to engage her in a fight, unfortunately, she met an absent blessing who took to get Instagram page to mock her for coming at night.

Nkechi Blessing dared the Blessing CEO to drop her location using her mother’s name to threaten her. She apologized to people who reprimanded her for the exchange with blessing, called her an ex-convict and if she truly knew her father and mother gave birth to her she should drop her location so they settle it from woman to woman.

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Nkechi Blessing also bragged about her wealth stating she is not just an actress as she is fondly called but a real estate mogul with over ten thousand acres of land to her name. She also bragged about being able to cater for herself despite being off-screen for three years and has over 5 businesses to get her name.

Issues with IVD Late Wife Family

In a series of posts, Blessing CEO accused businessman, Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna popularly known as IVD’s late wife’s family members of being after the business’s properties and life The relationship expert shared evidence to back up the accusations but several social media users asked her to stay off the matter.

Blessing CEO pointed a finger at his late Wife, Bimbo’s elder sister Mamajazz for going after his properties and life. Blessing also said the late Bimbo was not a saint Ashe physically abused her husband before she passed on. She also alleged the late bimbo wanted to end it all and has evidence to back up her claims and accused Mamajazz of not being on good terms with the deceased.

Several users reacted by asking her to let it go. Nollywood actresses Anita Joseph and Nkechi Blessing begged and cautioned her to let the matter slide.

Blessing CEO calls out powerful men for silence on gender roles.

Relationship expert blessing CEO asserted that a woman’s primary role is to enjoy a man’s money She expressed her disappointment over the fact that powerful men don’t speak on the matter and only “Small small hustlers” lead the conversation on gender roles.

Using the Adam and Eve narrative, she suggested that God had designed men to be providers, while women were to receive. The post went viral she questioned whether the shift happened because women decided to start working and helping men

Remanded in prison over cyberbullying

Blessing CEO was remanded in prison on March 2023 after she was accused of using her Instagram page to bully, threaten, and harass “Folashade Samuels” sister to the late Bimbo, wife of popular businessman IVD


Blessing CEO got netizens talking after she confirmed she did liposuction in 2022. She said telling people to be confident in their bodies doesn’t mean they can’t liposuction if they want to.
Even if they do it, there are other body parts they are not affected

Net Worth

Blessing CEO’s Net worth is estimated to be around $500,000

Social media Handles

Instagram: @officialbblessingceo



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