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Chinenye Eucharia Biography – Chinenye Eucharia is an upcoming Nigerian actress who rose to prominence after it was announced she was adopted by Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko. She trended Online and melted hearts after she innocently Showed praise and love to Destiny Etiko Despite being Shoved by Security Men. Amidst the buzz created by the incident, Destiny Etiko decided to look for her and adopt her as a daughter and help her become successful like herself.Chinenye Eucharia Biography


Chinenye Eucharia Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Anibueze Chinenye Eucharia
  • Date of Birth: 3rd March,2005
  • State of Origin: Enugu state.
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Occupation: Actress and Entertainer
  • Net worth: Not available

Chinenye Eucharia’s Background and Education

There are little few details about Chinenye Eucharia Family even though she has been seen with her mother on several occasions. She was born on 3rd March 2005 although there is no information about the exact date and schools she attended.

Chinenye Eucharia Biography Career

Although Chinenye Eucharia is an upcoming actress she has featured in movies like The Cab Ladies and Chigaemezu: The Mystic Child.

Chinenye Eucharia Biography Age

She was born on March 3, 2005. She is 19 years old (2024)

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Chineneiye Eucharia and Destiny Etiko

Chinenye Eucharia rose to prominence after she was adopted by popular Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko. She trended Online and melted hearts after she innocently Showed praise and love to Destiny Etiko when visited a community in Enugu state Despite being Shoved by Security Men.

She fought through security guards to meet her TV goddess and finally succeeded in getting in touch with Destiny EtikoDestiny Etiko adopted her after searching for and located in her family house. She gave her gifts like an iPhone 11 pro and introduced her to some top shots in the movie industry.

Chinenye Eucharia Biography

Destiny Etiko’s adoption of Chinenye changed her life and turned her into a celebrity in less than a month and she became famous on Instagram gaining over 50k followers. Through her Destiny Etiko, she was able to meet the likes of Cubana Chief Priest who offered her financial gifts.

Through her stepmother’s connection, she was able to get her first acting role in the movie “The Cab Ladies”.

Unfortunately, Destiny Etiko announced she had split from Chinenye Eucharia after hurting her on more than one occasion even though she didn’t explain what she did during the announcement.

why did Destiny Etiko cut ties with her adopted daughter

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko went online in an Instagram live session to talk about getting backstabbed by Chinenye Eucharia whom she adopted as her daughter.

She claimed she betrayed her trust and commitment to providing her with a good home. The Nollywood star mentioned she bought Chineneye an iPhone 11 pro max, paid her school fees, and bought her new clothes so she will never feel like she is lacking anything.

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Destiny Etiko unfollowed her on Instagram and noted that all she got in return was betrayal and she has adopted a new daughter which is her gateman child. She reveak that the hausa girl she adopted won’t be like her former daughter who was wild rude and disrespectful.


Destiny Etiko’s adopted daughter’s picture

Chinenye Eucharia Biography Chinenye Eucharia Biography


how did Destiny Etiko’s adopted daughter betray her?

Destiny Etiko claimed she was betrayed by ungratefulness, betrayal, and backbiting.

Destiny Etiko and her adopted child fight

The screen goddess disclosed her former daughter betrayed her and she has disowned her.

Chinenye Eucharia’s side of the story

Chinenye Eucharia, Destiny Etiko’s Forner adopted daughter has never said anything about what happened. The last time she went live. She cried over an unknown issue which she claims has taken a toll on her mental health,.

In an Instagram post, she said she had had enough and vowed to speak even though she didn’t reveal what the issue was all about.

Despite the accusations by Destiny Eitko Chineneye Eucharia has remained quiet on the matter. despite all the previous accusations and disagreements, Chinenye Euchaira wrote a heartfelt birthday message when she celebrated her 35th birthday.

Social media handle

Instagram: @euchariaofficial

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