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Evang Uche Ume, (born on 17th October 1970s) is a profound man of God, a Gospel singer, a wonderful father, a loving husband, and many more. He hails from Ohafia in Abia State Nigeria. Has accomplished a lot in the lives of many through his soul-touching preaching.

Uche Ume is in fact a well-respected man of God, who through his preaching of the gospel of God has changed life of many for good.

In this article, we are going to delve into Evang Uche Ume’s Biography, everything you need to know about the profound man of God,  Uche Ume’s Profile, Husband, Child, Marriage, and Family.

But before we go deep into this Uche Ume Biography, let us quickly get an overview of his profile details. This profile details about Evang Uche Ume is going to provide us with detailed information you need to know about Evang Uche Ume and many more.

Uche Ume Biography – Personal Information (Bio Data)

Name: Uche Ume

Title: Rev Dr Uche Ume (Evangelist)

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Abia State

Hometown: Ohafia

Birthplace: Abia State

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 17 October 1970s

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Birthday: 17th October

Age: 40 +

Occupation, Career: Singer, Pastor, Evangelist

Net Worth: $800,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦450,000,000

Relationship, Marital Status: Married To Chioma Uwandu Ume

Married: Yes

Spouse, Wife: Dr. Mrs. Chioma Uche Ume

Wedding Date: 13 December 2008

Children: 4

Son: 1

Daughters: 3

Church Name: Power World Ministries Int’l

Ministry Name: Uche Ume Ministries

Church Address: KM 1 Isi Court Ahiaukwu Olokoro Road, Umuahia, Abia State

Uche Ume Biography

Evang Uche Ume, (born on 17th October 1970s) is a profound man of God, a passionate worship and praise singer, and above all, a respected man of Evangelism.

He has dedicated his life to preaching the word of God and inspiring people thanks to his uplifting ministrations. He is the senior pastor and the founder of Power World Ministry.

He is married to his beautiful wife, enjoying his marriage with his wife and their four children, a boy and three girls.

Uche Ume Biography; Background Information

Uche Ume started his ministration right from a young age, and since then till date he has cultivated a strong bond and relationship with God. His faith in God has his guiding light, leading him to successfully establish Uche Ume Ministries. Uche Ume Ministries is popularly known as Power World Ministry.

His teachings and sermons as a senior pastor are renowned for their ability to provide spiritual and physical direction to his congregation building their faith and drawing them closer to God.

Aside from his pastoral duties, Uche Ume is famous for his Igbo praise & worship songs. As a singer, his songs capture the attention of his listeners, and inspiring them & strengthening their faith. His songs are based on testaments and wavering love for God.

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Egang Uche Ume Family

Evang Uche Ume is married to Dr. Mrs. Chioma Uche Ume. They got married in December 2008. Their marriage has been blessed with four children, three daughters and a son. His family bears the reflection of his gospel teachings.

Evang Uche Ume Biography – Songs

In the world of gospel, Evang Uche Ume has contributed a lot to the development of gospel songs taking it to another level through his inspiring and soul-stirring songs.

His repertoire contains a collection of albums and songs that have a deep meaning and positive impacts on today’s life.

Apart from all other of his songs, one of his popular songs is “Aha Gi Bu Jehova”, this song entails the supremacy of God.

Jesus Nwankechukwu” this song celebrates Jesus as a ransom to mankind. “Chukwu Di Ebub e”  in transalation (Your Glorious). This song entails a powerful testament to the magnificence of God. Moreover, “Ina Achi Eze” Exercises an intense understanding of the sovereignty of God.

List of Evang Uche Ume’s Songs

  • Chwukwu Di Ebube
  • Aha Gi Bu Jehova
  • Something About Jesus
  • Jesus Nwachukwu
  • Something About Jesus
  • Nmuo Nso
  • Anuriwom Na Zoputa
  • Shall Be Found
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • Hallelujah Chorus

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