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Rita Arum Biography; The story of the Nigerian movie industry Nollywood is never complete without mentioning one elegant and prominent, entrepreneur and model Nigerian actress. In fact in the movie industry of Nigeria, she has played significant roles in ensuring that the industry through movie and entertainment spread and inculcate morals, principles as well as the culture of Africa as a whole.

She is a philanthropist who has helped different kinds of people in different fields to reach their career goals. She has been featured in different kinds of movies in Nollywood directed and produced by top directors and producers in the country.

In this comprehensive article on Rita Alum’s Biography, we are going to be discussing the personal details of the Renowned Nollywood-born Nigerian actress, Model, and Entrepreneur, Rita Arum Nwolisa. Stay tuned as we provide the latest and updated jams of this elegant actress.

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Rita Arum Biography – Profile Bio (Personal Details)

Below are the important personal details about Rita Arum.

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Name: Rita Arum

Full Name: Rita Arum Nwolisa

Nationality: Nigerian

Tribe: Igbo

Height: 5″6 feet tall

Date Of Birth: 16 March 1970s

Birthday: 16th March

Age: 40 +

Married: Yes

Spouse, Husband: Mr Nwolisa

Daughter: DORA KOKO ARUM aka Edovice

Career, Occupation: Actress

Net Worth: $250,000 US Dollars

Instagram: arumrita

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Who is Rita Arum?

No doubt you might have asked this question the first time you heard about her, probably through her movies or other things. Rita Arum is an elegant, prominent, model, and renowned Nollywood-born actress.

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She burst into the limelight because of her acting skills and intriguing performances in any role assigned to her in any featured movie.

Rita Arum  Nwolisa was born on March 16th 1970s. She is a Nigerian actress, model, and entrepreneur, mother, and wife.

She is known for the four main roles she plays very well in most of her featured movies. She has acted with many famous actors and actresses in the Nollywood and beyond.

Movies By Rita Arum

Below are a few of  the movies in which Rita Arum has starred;

The King’s Order, Royal Mafia, A Fight For Nothing, Behind The Mask, Royal War, Endless, Royal Scam, Bridges, A Beautiful Soul, Diary Of Death, Family Of Sorrows, All In Vain, Marriage Hunters, Coat Of Many Colours, A Walk From The Grave, In Love With A Married Woman, Love and Madness, Thicker Than Water, Love Left Behind, My Enemy My Love, Fire On The Throne, The Classic Ladies, Broken, Family Injustice, Swing Of Life, Calculator and many more.

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