6 Best Instant Loan for Students in Nigeria

Instant Loan for Students in Nigeria is provided to assist students to finance their educational expenses with a considerable repayment period and low-interest rate.

Are you a Student looking for where to get an instant Loan to finance your Education? This article is all you need to get familiar with most of the available platforms that give instant loans.

The requirement, interest rate, and the application process will be fully discussed below.

These various Applications help you to pay for textbooks, accommodation fees, and tuition Fees and cover other expenses that may surface at a quick and comfortable interest rate to help you solve your problems.

You can obtain an instant Loan for Students in Nigeria by registering with the App and receiving your loan in a few hours. During the registration no extra charges will be collected and no collateral is needed.

At your own convenient time of the day, you can sign up with the instant Loan app that’s if you don’t have an account with them already.

List of Instant Loans for Students in Nigeria

An increase in world finance keeps growing on a daily basis hence the need for people to seek a quick loan app that can deliver instant loans to help solve their problems.

The Educational System is so demanding that if a student is not financially buoyant enough will not be able to scale excellently in his academic struggle.

In Nigeria, the urgent need for instant loans has doubled and this has prompted the need for a compilation of Quick and Instant Loans for Students in Nigeria to help them have access to the money required to run the educational requirements.

Here, we have arranged top Instant Loan for Students in Nigeria that are reliable, secure, have fewer interest rates, have considerable repayment periods, and have a corporation with FCCPC and CBN regulatory teams.

See below for a comprehensive list of the best Instant Loan for Students in Nigeria:

  1. Branch Quick Loan App
  2. FairMoney Instant Loan
  3. Easemoni Quick Loan App
  4. Okash Quick Loan App
  5. Renmoney Quick Loan App
  6. Palm Credit
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1. Branch Quick Loan App

With this Loan App, you can access an instant loan amount of 1000-200,000 to help students pay their bills and finance other problems. It offers a good repayment period of 10 months, giving the student time to source for the money.

This is the highest-rated app in Nigeria and is downloaded by most students and individuals. Create a credit today with branch Instant Loan and enjoy a larger amount of loan paid directly into your account.

It includes a minimum interest rate of 12% offering millions of loans every day with no collateral attachment. There’s no phone call disturbance if the customer fails to pay back on time only that they will be an amount to the loan borrowed.

The wonderful feature it has is its ability to be accessible and available not only in Nigeria but other countries of the world displaying its vast nature and strength to adapt to changes.

Using this popular loan app available for students has lots of benefits such as:

  • A considerable repayment time and conditions
  • Fully registered with the approval of CBN and FCCPC Corporation Bodies
  • Offers Comfortable and instant loan
  • It is diverse which cuts across other countries.
  • A user-friendly customer care facility.

Aside from these listed benefits, it has lots to offer when you explore. There are also problems associated with this app.

The presence of high rates for students with upgraded quick credit and the increase of the loan amount when repayment time exceeds.

You can quickly download the app on your Google play store available for all devices and get started with exploring the contents.

2. FairMoney Instant Loan

This is another yet high-ranked money loan app that offers students in Nigeria a chance to pay their school tuition and finance other issues.

More than giving out loans, this app is unique as it has designated features such as buying airtime and bills payment instantly.

To get this app make download it using the play store on your device. Search for the app name and register using a valid BVN, phone number, and a one-time password (OTP) to access these features.

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Immediately you request the loan and it has been verified, you get the money in a few minutes directly into your account.

It offers a repayment period of 1 year and 6 months giving the borrowers enough time to pay back.

If the students or individuals pay back on time it offers them a discounted rate to enhance quality borrowing.

The benefits of using FairMoney are outlined below:

  • A lengthy repayment time
  • Fully approval of CBN and FCCPC Corporation Bodies
  • Offers Comfortable and instant loan
  • It offers a discount rate for early repayment
  • User-friendly customer care.
  • Delivers instantly to your account
  • Ranks second in the most popular and most downloaded loan app

This app also has some malfunctions when it comes to App downloading, and it offers a high-interest rate for a larger amount of loan.

3. Okash Instant Loan

This mobile loan app is available and easy to access by students and individuals who wish to process a loan at their convenience and space.

This app is created by Opay mobile app platform to offer users seamless money loans of 1,000 to 500,000 without any collateral.

To have access to it download the App and register with your mobile number, email, and BVN. The app is operated free from charges and has a repayment period of 1 year.

For a student to attain the requirement criteria, it is important that you provide your means of earning money to certify that you are capable of paying back the loan.

It has a positive customer service available 24 hours to respond to complaints that may occur during the registration process. Note also that Okash Loan App is fully licensed by CBN and Nigeria Police Force.

Pros of engaging with this mobile loan app are numerous and they include:

  • Active customer care service
  • Lengthy repayment period
  • High loan disbursement
  • CBN and Nigeria Police Approval
  • Secure and reliable operations

In addition to the listed benefits, it comes with other challenges such as high requirement criteria for students, and a limited repayment time which implies that the payments be made once.

4. Palm Credit Instant Loan

You can borrow money using this mobile app, they are fast and reliable giving a considerable repayment period.  This app is available 24 hours at the service of its users.

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If you need a loan to sort out your urgent and important needs, do not hesitate to download the app and enjoy a high loan amount offer and low-interest rate.

To use the app, you have to sign up, provide the essential details for the process, and then gain access to the login page.

5. EasiMoni Instant Loan App

This loan app offers students a large loan amount of 1,000 to 1 Million that will be sufficient to tidy up their financial problems.

It offers the students a repayment period of 1 year with an opportunity to choose any time for the repayment of the instant loan as long as it falls within the stipulated time.

EasiMoni Instant Loan is only accessible to users and students in Nigeria, and this helps to manage the app properly without glitches occurring

This platform is highly recommended as one of the best instant loans for students in Nigeria who are facing financial difficulties, having the approval of the corporate body of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

  • Unique features of this mobile loan app are:
  • It is credible and trusted
  • It has approval from CBN and FCCPC
  • Responsible customer service
  • Fast and Secure
  • Minimal interest Rate
  • Enough repayment period

6. Renmoney Quick Loan

This is the best loan app available for students to use to solve their money issues. It has both an Android and an IOS version. Its lowest interest rate attracts individuals to explore but it has a rigorous procedure to follow to access the loan available.

Although no collateral is needed, the account details and BVN will be highly needed as part of the process and it takes a longer period to review the registration.

The benefits of using a Renmoney Instant loan app are listed below:

  • Accessible by both IOS and Android version
  • Approved by CBN
  • Having the lowest interest rate among the instant loans for a student in Nigeria
  • Highly recommended by its users


Instant Loans for Students in Nigeria can be obtained through various means but be sure to examine them before using any app. The repayment of the loan is effective after the student has graduated in most cases.

To access other loan apps that are Instant, and flexible in interest and have good repayment periods, continue to visit this site for more updates.

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