Nhasty Jee Biography | Career | Age and Net Worth

Nhasty Jee Biography – Nhasty Jee is a fast-rising Nigerian comedian, content creator, and prankster best known for his pranks and comedy on Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube. His funny videos and style of humor have gained recognition and dedicated fans.

Although the comedy industry is now saturated the young comedian has succeeded in distinguishing himself from the crowd In this article, we will explore his Career, background, family, net worth, education, and content creation.

Nhasty Jee Biography

Nhasty Jee is a promising artiste and a rising star in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Nhasty Jee Biography Summary

  • Stage Name: Nhasty Jee
  • Full name: Richard Bassey Jeremiah
  • Date of birth: April 10, 2002
  • Place of birth: Port Harcourt
  • Tribe: Ibibio
  • State of origin: Akwa Ibom state
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21years (as of 2023)
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Marital status: Single
  • Religion: Christianity
  • NhastyJee Height (Inches): 3’2”
  • Occupation: Prankster, Comedian and Content Creator
  • Net Worth: $80,000

NhastyJee Early Life and Education

NhastyJee real name is Richard Bassey Jeremiah and he was born on April 10, 2002. He belongs to the Ibibio tribe in southeastern Nigeria. He Was born and brought up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Not much is known about NhastyJee’s Family and childhood days but sources revealed he has four siblings who also grew up with him in Port-harcourt. None of their names are known and as popular as the comedian.

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In a published interview Richard described himself as a stubborn child who is always determined to get what he wants and will never relent in doing so. He always got himself in trouble with his parents and at school.

He had his primary and secondary school education in Port Harcourt before enrolling at the South American University where he obtained a degree in Mathematics as a part-time student.

Nhastyjee Comedy Career

NhastyJee began skits-making around 2019/2020, he discovered his talent during his secondary school years as he was widely known in school as the undisputed class clown. With the advent of social media, his creativity has been recognized by millions of fans worldwide.

In the saturated industry, he came up with a unique Stage name “NhastyJee” which he coined from his dark complexion. Nhasty Jee started producing skits out of boredom and for fun but today his successes have not gone unnoticed.

The prankster and content creator never fails to acknowledge his fellow prankster “Untouchable Comedy” who taught him how he could leverage his large social media following to make income out of it.

With his audience growing very fast, Nhasty Jee started making pranks to entertain them.

Nhasty Jee’s breakthrough came in 2023 after two of Sugar Mummy’s prank videos went viral and were reposted by top celebrities on various social media platforms.

His sarcastic skits center mostly on relationships, Men and women.

According to the young content Creator, he wants to be able to talk about the realities of relationships and daily lives amusingly.

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Nhasty Jee has collaborated with several Content creators, Actors, and several celebrities like Nkechi Sunday Blessing, Nasboi, Real Warri Pikin, Josh2funny, Sdyney Talker, Teni, Adinma, Somadina, Broda shaggi, Mc mbakara and many more.

Nhastyjee Biography age

Richard Bassey Jeremiah popularly known as NhastyJee was born on April 10, 2002. He is 21 (years old as of 2023)

Nhasty Jee Biography

Nhastyjee Biography Wife

Richard Bassey Jeremiah has not officially engaged anyone at the moment nor has he married.

Nhastjee Biography Parents

There is no available information about NhastyJee’s parents and his relationship with them, but it is believed they have supported him in his career.

What Happened to Nhasty Jee?

A video surfaced online where a content creator by the name of Odogwu Malaysia came with police officers to arrest Smart and Nhastyjee. Odogwu Malaysia revealed Smart was slapped twice and will be charged to court for assault.

Nhasty Jee revealed he keeps working for a better tomorrow and hasn’t given up. He is always grateful he is not where he used to be. He disclosed his first paycheck from comedy was N75,000 which was huge for an upcoming comedian like him at that time.

NhastyJee Awards

The Young Pranks has won two notable awards. In 2022, he announced on his various social media platforms he won the “Peace Achievers Humanitarian Award”

NhastyJee Net Worth

No one knows how much Nhasty Jee charges per skit and collaboration but his Net worth is estimated to be around $80,000.

Nhasty Jee’s Social media handles

Popular Prankster Nhasty Jee has a huge following on social media and you can connect with him through;

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Youtube – Nhastyjee comedy

Facebook-@nhastyjee comedy

Instagram – @nhastyjee_

Twitter: @nhastyjee

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