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In this article, you’ll find out all about Osamede Adun Biography | Net worth | Marriage | Age | Assets, and all about Adun AKA Bob Izua. This article will also feed you the history of Osameded Adun, and everything you need to about Osamede Adun.

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Osamede Adun Biography

Osamede Adun Personal Biography

Osamede Adun, also known as Bob Izua, his full name is John Osamede Adun, was born on October 10, 1954. Adun is a Nigerian Billionaire Businessman, Politician, and CEO of Bobizua Motors and the Ayobahan of Benin Kingdom.

Currently, his net worth is about $100 Million US Dollars, which when estimated in Nigeria Naira amounts to N110,000,000,000 Billion Dollars in 2023.

As earlier mentioned he was born on 10th October 1954 in Ogbe quarters, Oredo Local Government area of Edo State. His tribe is Bini, and a Christian by religion. John Osamede Adun Bob Izua is currently married to 4 wives with many children.

Not long after, his 4th wife died of a gas explosion in 2017. And that caused great pain in Osamede’s heart.

Osamede Adun Wife

See Osamede’s profile bio details in the following list below:

  • Nickname: Bob Izua
  • Real Name: Osamede Adun
  • Real Name: John Osamede Adun
  • State Of Origin: Edo
  • Hometown: Benin
  • Place Of Birth: Benin, Edo
  • Date Of Birth: 10 October 1954
  • Birthday: 10th October
  • Age: 68 Years Old (2022)
  • Net Worth: $100 Million US Dollars
  • Height: 5″6 Feet Tall
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Number Of Wives: 4
  • Wife’s Names: Queen Osamede Adun, Lilian Ehimwenma Adun
  • Niece: Tony Adun Kabaka
  • Political Party: PDP

Osamede Adun Biography (Bob Izua) & Profile By Wikipedia

Bob Izua, with real name Osamede Adun is a Nigerian Edo Born Businessman, billionaire transporter, the owner of Bobizua Motors, and the Ayobahan of Benin Kingdom. He is Tony Kabaka’s uncle.

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Osamede Adun Biography

Bob Izua State Of Origin, Home, and Tribe:

Where is Osamede Adun from? To be precise, Osamede is from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. His native tribe in Benin is BINI.

Osamede’s Date of Birth & Age:

How old do you think Bob Izua is? And When was he born? Osamede was born on October 10th, 1954. Currently, he is 70 Years old in 2023. Osamede Adun, which is also known as Bob Izua celebrates his 70th birthday on 10th October 2023.

Bob Izua’s Religion:

Most people might think Osamede is a Muslim when you look him up online, but actually he is a Christian, not a Muslim, he grew up among Christians.

Osamede Adun

Osamede’s Family | Wives:

How many wives does Osamede Adun has? Normally, Osamede Adun has 4 wives all together. But, later on, his 4th wife die of an explosion, and now he’s left with 3 wives. The names of Bob Izua’s wives are – Queen Osameded Adun, Lilian Ehimwenma Adun (late), and others.

Osamede Adun Late Wife

Bob Izua’s Children:

How many children does Osamede Adun have? We don’t know the specific amount of children he has, but we know that Bob Izua has many children. His 4th wife who died had 6 children before she was late in 2017.

All About Osamede John Adun of Benin Kingdom

Chief (Dr.) John Osamede Adun (JP) was born on 10 October, 1954 in Ogbe Quarters, Oredo Local Governement Area of Edo State. He went to the famous Idah Primary School in Ogbe Quarters in Ward 1, Oredo Local Governement Area.

After his basic education, he followed his mother who was a trader at the Oba market selling her goods. Later on he joined the National Union of Road Transport Workers and rose to the position of a state chairman.

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Later on, Adun started his own transport business named Bob Izua Motors, which today is now a household name in Edo, Delta, Rivers and Lagos States.

Osamede Adun Biography

The Binis recognized his leadership qualities, commitment to the community service and contributions to social development of the Binis, then, the Bini Monarch Omo N’ Oba Uku Akpolokpolor Oba Erediauwa CR, Oba of Benin gave him a prestigious title Ogeiroba of Benin.

Soon After, the Benin Monarch elevated chief John Osamede Adun, JP with the title of AYOBAHAN OF BENIN KINGDOM, the fifth in Iwebo Palace society. He is a man of modest background, who has  attained a substantial level of comfort.

In 2004, Chief John Osamede adun, JP was honoured with a honourary doctorate degree of Divinity by a USA University. The political of Oredo is not complete without the man Chief John Osamede Adun, JP.

He has created a good reputation and account of himself via different political positions of reposibilites he was entrusted with over the years, these positions include the following:

  • Personal Assistant to Late Governor of Bendel State, Prof. Ambrose Alli during the U.P.N days.
  • Leader P.D.P in Oredo L.G.A
  • Chairman, Protection of Government Properties.
  • Chairman, Town Planning Law Enforcement Committee till date.

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