VeryDarkMan Biography | Age, Career & Trending Controversies

VerydarkMan is a well-known Nigerian Content Creator, Model, Human activist, and Social media Personality famous for his controversial and outspoken views on various topics like Skincare products and social issues.

He began to get noticed after he tackled a popular Skincare brand Jenny’sGlow.

VeryDarkMan Biography

VeryDarkMan Biography Profile Summary

  • Nickname: Verydarkman
  • Full name: Martins Vincent Otse
  • Date of Birth: March 8, 1996
  • State of Origin: Edo state
  • Place of Origin: Edo state
  • Place of Residence: Abuja
  • Occupation: Content creator and Human rights activist

VeryDarkMan Biography Background and Education

Martins Vincent Otse popularly known as VeryDarkman was born into an average family and hustled to make ends meet. There are available information about his family and his relationship with them.

Several sources say he attended the University of Lagos where he studied Business Administration while others say he attended the University of Benin where he studied Theatre Arts and graduated in 2008 and started as an actor.

VeryDarkman Biography Career

In 2020, VeryDarkman started posting Videos on TikTok but he didn’t get much attention. At some point, he started making money from selling his private videos. The money realized from it was what he used to acquire a car. According to Otse, The goal in life is not to become wealthy but to help people he can and further noted he has no love for money and has rejected millions offered to him by well-meaning Nigerians.’

VeryDarkman uses his platform to spread awareness about societal issues and matters such as online scams and poverty. He is also an outspoken social advocate who has exposed several criminals and fraudsters. He regularly visits schools and communities to share his story and inspire people.

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Despite his career as a social activist he has continued to get criticized and threatened by people who feel offended by his content

VeryDarkMan Controversies

How his problem with Jenny’s Glow Began

Everything started after the skincare vendor arrested a lady for calling her out after she accused her brand of spoiling her skin. Her actions prompted VeryDarkMan to launch an investigation into Jenny’s Glow for allegedly selling products without a NAFDAC number.

Speaking on the matter he said he witnessed Jenny’s Glow lawyer interrupt her TikTok Live and pressuring the young lady to end her live broadcast under the threat of re-arrest.

Despite the distressing message he received he received from the young lady to stop talking about Jenny’s Glow he continued to ensure he gets Justice. He said what is wrong is wrong and he doesn’t understand the king of injustice where an innocent person will not be released, she was feeling proud as she was being begged. The young lady went live to inform her fans she had been released and her lawyer asked her to end it.

VeryDarkman continued to escalate the issue until NAFDAC was forced to close some of her branches and invited her for questioning. He also hangs out with celebrities and has hung out with Davido in the past. The superstar singer urged him to stay longer in Lagos and sponsored him on an exclusive private jet from Abuja to Lagos. The young man went live to show the luxurious interiors of the hotel room the musician provided.

Verydarkblackman Reaction to His Leaked Sextapes

VeryDarkBlackman revealed some persons have threatened to leak some of his old sultry photos, He finally opened up about his earnings saying he used to earn from $1k – $2k per clip. During the pandemic when he was broke and needed to make ends meet he became an online Sultry dancer.

Reacting to those threatening to leak his tape,  he made his followers he had no image, and his image is already tarnished.

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VerydarkBlackman and Uche Jombo

The renowned activist accused legendary Nigerian actress Uche Jombo of being a fraud and lambasted her for promoting things only for financial advantage. He questioned why Uche Jombo would apply makeup on her face to do a skincare advert behaving like it is the cream making her glow when she is not glowing.

He highlighted how her ignorant and foolish admirers will use the products and be inspired to buy the lotion only to end up with damaged skin.

VeryDarkblackman vs Yhemolee

Popular social media Critic Verydarkblackman slammed Nightlife King Yhemolee after he ended things with his girlfriend on the allegations of cheating. Yhemolee accused her of sleeping around with married men for money.

The revelation sparked a several reaction online. Expressing his thoughts on the matter, VeryDarkman said women seen around personalities like Yhemolee are attracted to men who can afford an Expensive Lifestyle.

In his own words, He told Yhemoleee to remember when he said if he can change clothes, he will sleep with his girlfriends. The kind of girl Yhemolee gets close to are what money can buy.

Verydarkblackman also dragged Efe Carter, the CEO of EH Records into the debate.

Verydarkblackman VS Carter Efe

After social media critic Verydarkman shared videos of him partying with Davido and Cubana Chief priest, Carter Efe pounced on him with Anger.

He scolded him for online brawls with skincare dealers using Mr.Ibu condition for clout, He called Verydarkman shameless and only happy because Davido his age mate paid for a luxury hotel room for him,

Verydarkman replied to Carter Efe’s rant reminding him they are not on the same level and since immemorial, he has been using his platform apart from wasting saliva and skitmaking and hasn’t made any impact in society other than comedy.

Verydarkblackman Vs Akpororo

Popular Nigerian Comedian  Akpororo replied to Verydarkman after he lambasted the Nollywood film industry for lack of structure and refusal to assist their colleague.

Akpororo responded by asking Verydarkman to move away from his anger because there is no money in the Nollywood industry, He blamed their female counterpart who are so fast to buy houses and cars after appearing in one film that many people feel the entire industry is wealthy.

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He called out on the Enugu state governor to lend a helping hand and emphasized on the same lack of structure,

VeryDarkMan Biography

Verydarkman Vs Blessing Okoro

Social media critic Blessing Okoro verbally replied to controversial relationship adviser Blessing Okoro CEO for broke Shaming him after he was seen in a casual dress at a market buying food in a viral video that went viral on the internet.

Blessing Okoro CEo seized the opportunity and insulted him pleading with A-List celebrities to help him financially.

In response, He stated Blessing Okoro is hurt that he never acknowledged her and reminded her how she was ridiculed for bragging over a house that wasn’t her own and belittled her for snatching the husband of Bimbo Ogbonna who was the later wife of a popular businessman, IVD,

Verydarkman VS Tonto Dike

Famous Nollywood actress Tonto Dike dragged popular social media critic veryDarkMAn to the police he slammed her and Iyabo Ojo over their involvement in the late singer Mohbad’s case. He claimed they were not primarily interested in getting justice for the late musician.

In a viral post as shared by Tonto Dike on her Instagram story, she revealed she has taken action against him; Verydarkman was seen signing documents in the presence of police officers at a police station.

After being grilled and released by the police he took to his Instagram to dance while sending a message to his critics asking them if they can catch smoke.

Speaking about the police invite of veryDarkman he condemned the arrest and misuse of police power. veryDarkman arrest raises serious questions about the impartiality and fairness of police in dealings with individuals from marginalized communities.

Verydarkman also alleged Tonto Dike is behind Gistlover Blog and is ready to prove it in court. He stated Tonto Dikeh would never hold a political position and filed a petition against her.

Verydarkman biography real name

VeryDarkman’s real name is Martins Vincent Otse

Verydarkman biography age

The well-known activist is 28 years old. (as of 2024). He  was born in 1996 in Lagos

Martins Vincent Otse’s biography

You can read everything about Martins Vincent Otse Biography HERE

Verydarkman Social Media Handles

Instagram: @Verydarkblackman

Facebook: @verydarkblackman

TikTok: @verydarkman


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